Head Trash

This specially designed course deals with all the overwhelming things whirling around your head. The thoughts that weigh you down, and keep holding you back. My therapy uses a process that reduces the energetic ‘charge’ around negative emotions like sadness, guilt, fear, shame, and anger. By taking the strength out of these feelings, you give yourself the permission and energy stores to seek happiness, joy, calmness and contentment.

People who value these core principles – trust, kindness, care, freedom –  highly tend to attract the opposite. That can cause havoc in many different areas of your life – family, marriage, friendships, and in the workplace. Together we’ll understand your beliefs and values, but especially those that are causing you a problem such as dishonesty and mistrust.

Clients report feeling well or balanced after Head Trash sessions. The following are words people describe how they feel after treatment

  • Feel calm, peaceful and stronger inside
  • Feeling more confident and more ‘together’
  • A much more positive outlook
  • Had not realised that the ‘stuff’ was affecting me so badly

Begin with a Head Trash 1.5 hour appointment to see for yourself – a longer course may be recommended