Extracts taken from thank you email and letters

“My emotions came crashing down, I was exhausted and could not see a way out. I have seen changes throughout my sessions which have been life changing. Eryl has picked out things that I had not realised were causing me an issue. I have loved working with Eryl, she is full of energy. We have become great friends x”

“I feel very calm and relaxed I had not realised that the “stuff” was affecting me so badly.”

“I feel confident and more together and so much better about myself- I have definitely got my mojo back!”

“My stress & anxiety had led to me feeling depressed & this was affecting my whole life; work, home, family and health . I was unsure what the treatment consisted of and I booked a session with Eryl.
Following my session I felt very different immediately.  Incredible changes and very quickly even throughout my session. I still feel calm and peaceful, stronger (inside) & clear about everything.”

“I have just completed the Unleash The Monster workshop- It was fantastic!
I spent a couple of hours in the company of three others. and we spent time examining our beliefs around money. (No wonder my bank account was always empty!)
I learnt so much about myself and my beliefs which trust me were of no use to me at all! Eryl personalised our session and worked with us all in turn to clear what was our problem area or belief that was messing it all up. Amazing!
I have new beliefs and a much more positive outlook about my finances.  I feel so much more abundant and my bank account seems healthier too!”

“I  have had 6 sessions with Eryl and I have to share my progress with you.
I was unhappy at work and I now work for myself and my business is growing. Eryl removed my fear about taking the leap of faith. I was also unhappy in a relationship that I so wanted to work, because I wanted to be married.
I am now happily married to a wonderful man and we are very happy. I have lost weight and got myself a new fitness habit. I had 6 sessions spread over 12 months I combined Coaching & HeadTrash.
Highly recommend it- my life has changed beyond recognition.”