Case Studies

Incredible Transformation
After recommendation via Mental Health Professional, I met a beautiful lost young soul suffering with anxiety, major depressive disorder and frequent panic attacks. Working with young people can be complex as they often have an all-or-nothing mindset and find it difficult to focus on what it is they want and the motivation and influences driving their goals, whether its what they want or what is expected by parents, peers and friends. To address this, I used a variety of coaching ‘tools’ to make the sessions engaging and challenging.
During the course of coaching followed by a couple of ‘Head Trash’ sessions identified what the problem was – the influences and drivers, their presented identity vs. real identity,and the causes of their fear and anxiety. Sessions included thought-provoking conversations around different aspects of life, both spiritually and emotionally, and considering the possibilities for how this individual’s future life could look.
I’ve witnessed an incredible transformation into one very happy, confident and fearless individual who has finally found their mojo! They’ve since started university, living independently and has found new friends and hobbies since daring to dream and live the dream. We have regular text and facetime sessions to review progress and discuss coping strategies as a back-up.

What matters most
A lady who was referred via another lovely therapist came for coaching sessions after a series of emotionally upsetting events. These centered on changes at work and additional pressure causing anxiety and stress, changes to living environment, and life-changing events within the family. There were lots of tears and uncertainty, feelings of fear and insecurity. In her own words, she felt like she was falling apart.
Beginning with weekly coaching and ‘Head Trash’ sessions, we set about challenging and changing the feelings she was experiencing from these upsetting events. We also worked on a vision board for focus, which helped significantly with motivation and clarity. At the end of our time together, my client felt happier and more settled in her home and work life. Her confidence reinstated, she was able to address difficult conversations with her colleagues and is really pleased with the successful outcome of speaking up and out. Although there has been another house move since, she is now excited about her future and has lost the old fears she once had. Room has been made in her life for a big life decision and change,  which was formerly pushed aside because of apparent commitments, and now becomes a priority. Being made accountable to a coach has her back on track, and stress levels are greatly relieved.

Building Boundaries
A previous coaching client recommended me to her friend, a lady with zero confidence, self worth or self belief. She had learned a default state of shame, stemming from poor relationships and boundaries with unsupportive friends and family.

During our weekly two-hour sessions, we discussed her self consciousness and anxiety, challenging the negative self talk. Coaching centered around building confidence, self belief and self worth, and resilience. We worked on strengthening boundaries and respect with personal relationships. Using a combination of coaching techniques, ‘Head Trash’ and other coping strategies for stress and anxiety, she has reported how she had handled different events and life’s challenges with a difference, more confident about her actions and feeling more in control.

Celebrating Confidence
Following a call from a worried parent who had also been a client in the past; He was concerned about the change in personality of his teenage daughter, and felt powerless to help. She had become increasingly withdrawn and depressed, avoiding leaving the house and making excuses not to socialise with her friends on weekends.
A shadow of her former self, with poor self esteem and lowered confidence, it was clear to me that there was something hidden deep down that had been the catalyst to this change. In our first session, we made lots of breakthroughs – and identified the causes of the change to her self confidence. I was able to offer a new view on her experiences as a teenager, to objectively look at family issues that wasn’t her responsibility, and help her find her place in her world.
The following sessions included further work on self esteem, eradicating negative thoughts and beliefs, and transforming her into a confident, independent and sparkly young woman.

Entrepreneur Burn Out
An introductory coaching session with a seemingly successful but time-short entrepreneur became a series of consultations, where we covered lots of life issues. Although her business was flying, she was unable to see past the stresses and strains, the responsibilities, and couldn’t acknowledge her own achievements. Lonely, tired and overworked, she felt isolated from her friends and family, and was seeking change but had no idea where to start – it was all too overwhelming!
Over the weeks we worked together, she took control of her life again, and found ways to make her days happier. She found the man of her dreams, enjoys hobbies and interests, has set personal and professional goals (and met them every time!) and lives a life with purpose and direction.

Changing with Courage
A man in his forties came forward for help, feeling desperate and disillusioned with what Life had served up. Grieving his recently passed father had not only left a huge gap, he felt lost now that his role as a carer was no longer needed. Self employed but struggling, his business had suffered from his absence and dwindling motivation.
Our sessions focused on reminding him of his passion and talents, his achievements and its rewards. Together we ‘redesigned’ his perfect lifestyle, with techniques to clear the burden of his negative thoughts and feelings.
The progress has been phenomenal – growth in not only his professional life, but his personal life too, resulting in a competent, confident and resilient individual. We continue to work on his constant growth, future goals, and progress.