Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?
A professional life coach supports and encourages positive action to help you exceed your professional and personal goals. Whether this is to be happy and fulfilled with your family life, to perform well in the workplace, or to achieve your ambitions – you will be able to face challenges with confidence, and overcome obstacles that previously held you back. I offer a change of perspective, a non-judgmental view of your situation, teach you ways to deal with recurring issues, and provide the support to make positive changes to your life.


What can coaching help me with?
Coaching can help with fears, negative feelings, thoughts that are holding you back. Its the time and space to look at your future self, and your current situation. Effective coaching supports the changes you need to make to create your version of a perfect life. Each sessions can be tailored to address areas of your life that need attention – personal, health and wellbeing, business or love life. Common themes that crop up with my clients sessions include confidence and self-esteem, procrastination, lack of focus, motivation, will power, decision making, and work-life balance.


How does Coaching differ from Counselling?

During counselling, the work is focussed on the reasons behind your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This can give clients the ‘excuse’ to continue certain patterns, and they may find themselves feeling stuck or frustrated.
During coaching, we don’t focus on the reasons for feeling the way you do; instead, we look to the future. Whatever has happened in the past doesn’t matter with coaching. We work on improving emotional intelligence and resilience, and supporting you to live a happier, fulfilled life. You can learn ways to self-correct the negatives, and to boost your positives. You’ll begin to see the progress you are making in these areas, and witness first-hand the positive results.


What can I expect?
Each session can be conducted over the phone, face-to-face, via Skype or by instant messaging. During the consultation, I may ask questions which help  focus the help and support you require.  This will help you to reflect on your current situation, and decide what challenges you are facing. Depending on the issues you wish to deal with, a series of sessions may be advised. You have the opportunity to share your feelings privately, without judgement. As a result of the coaching sessions, you will have fresh perspective on the issues causing imbalances, and be clearer about what you want from life and the power you have to change for the better.


How many sessions will I need?

You can see immediate benefits from only one session. A series of sessions has the benefit of a deeper understanding of yourself, and the support of your ongoing progress to meet your set goals. I choose to coach via telephone, Skype, and in person, during evenings and weekends. This mean that they won’t disrupt your usual schedule or clash with commitments you may have, as you can book them to suit you.


I’m looking for business coaching – is this different to Life Coaching?

My coaching sessions use a wide range of techniques to tackle issues and obstacles in your path. When it comes to business coaching, we focus on how this is affecting your professional life. Executive coaching is about you and the business in which you are working. The balance between your own values and ethics, and the ones held by your business operations is just one area we work on together. Its a learning process which highlights blind spots, set and meet goals, and  encourages you to take action and measure results. Results-orientated coaching encourages self evaluation and setting targets, and is particularly effective for entrepreneurs or small business owners.


Are the sessions confidential?
Always. During the consultations, we will be discussing private matters that affect your daily life, relationships, your workplace and home. Anything that is shared between us during a session remains confidential. All sessions are confidential and I will not disclose any of your details to any other patients, or members of the public unless required to so by the Client or under law. At the end of our sessions, you will be asked for your feedback, and selected comments will be used for promotional and marketing purposes. However, you will have the option for your comments to remain private, or remain anonymous if you wish.


Can you guarantee results?

Yes. Coaching really does work! I see my clients making positive changes and improvements as a result of regular sessions. This path of enlightenment and learning teaches you the steps to get to your goals, and measures your transformation. The results happen because you are more informed about your surroundings and how you can manage them.


How much is a session?
Consultations can be booked individually, or as a course of sessions for an agreed price. During an initial consultation, I can suggest the right course for your requirements and provide detailed costs before you begin your therapy.  All fees must be paid in advance of scheduled sessions. Please note that I DO NOT accept cheques.